There are many things that go into the retail pricing of a memorial, depending on the company you are dealing with.  We at Patten break cost down into a few simple areas: 


A)  The style, size and material       

B) Optional additional items such as etching, ceramic photos, and vases    

C) Foundation/setting fees     

D) Sales tax  

A)   The first cost factors are style and size.   Flush markers are fabricated easily compared to the other standard style choices like bevels, slants and monuments.  Custom shaped monuments take much more time to fabricate.  The more labor that is involved to fabricate a marker out of a rough block, the more the cost increases. The size of the end product is another factor in price.

Next is the material.   Granite and marble are quarried all over the world and come in various quantities.  We use granite and marble that are graded for monument use.  The cost varies from granite to granite, not by quality, but instead by the supply available.  If a high quantity of a certain granite is quarried, because it quarries more easily, the cost is lower.  If a less amount of  granite is available because it is more difficult to quarry,  the cost goes up.  While some companies use a good-better-best guarantee and pricing structure to increase revenue, we believe that is misleading.  All granites of monument quality will endure for ages and will contrast well when carved.  Some granite's cost is also affected by transportation costs if coming from different areas of the globe.

Anyone can adjust quality and service to accommodate a lower price.   All items below are included with our price.  

    1. Delivery and installation to your cemetery lot by our employees! 
    2. Standard art work on the face of your memorial.         
    3. 40 Letters on singles, 60 letters on double markers.        
    4. Shape carving on all upright monuments.        
    5. Standard finished surfaces as illustrated on this website.


  B)   Next are optional items. Rest assured, at Cleveland Monument and Granie we include all necessary items in the base price of a memorial, including delivery to the cemetery and set up on your lot.  Out of state internet suppliers rarely offer this critical service so make sure you get this in writing from them before you sign!   Granite is extremely heavy and should be set by trained staff to avoid damage.

The  optional additional items you may choose are:
     *Additional finishes (Such as a polished top on uprights, or a polished margin on a base.) 
     *Attaching a veterans plaque to the back of a monument     
     *Engraving on the back surface of the memorial     
     *Custom artwork. (Created only for you and is not in our extensive design library.)    
     *Hand or laser etchings (available only on black granites)       
     *Deep Bias relief carving.  

C and D)   We always itemize the exact charge of the cemetery's foundation or installation.  If you need assistance in determining your cemetery's fee, call us.  We can help.  Finally is Oklahoma sales tax.  This, and the cemetery's fee, is listed separately on your sales order.  

With Bronze markers the determining cost factors are:
     *If a vase cast with bronze memorial
     *The number of emblems you select if over two
     *If it is mounted on a granite base