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At Cleveland Monument and Granite, we fulfill all the services from selecting fine granite to stone installation at the grave site.  From custom engraving of lettering to artwork, Cleveland Monument and Granite can reach and exceed your expectations.  Our only limits are your imagination. Since 2004, Cleveland Monument and Granite has been serving Northeastern Oklahoma with affordable granite, marble and bronze memorials.  Located in Cleveland, we are just a short drive northeast of Tulsa.  Whether you live in Tulsa, Cleveland, Hominy, Pawnee, Pawhuksa, Mannford, Hallett, Jennings, Prue or the surrounding area, your complete and total satisfaction in our product quality and workmanship will be well worth the time spent.  Our top priority is making sure you and/or your loved one is remembered for generations to come as uniquely as the life lived.

We offer many services as well for existing Memorials in the cemeteries, from cleaning, re-polishing, changing or adding lettering, re-leveling, installing new foundations...Just contact us with any request and we can make it happen.

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Throughout the following pages and links, we will provide you with comprehensive information to help you select an appropriate cemetery memorial   We have organized this area in such a way that it will guide you carefully, step by step, throughout  the entire headstone decision making process.  At any time you can access our Glossary of Terms by clicking on the Information Center, which is noted on the top of the page.


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Travis and Kari Black are both graduates of Cleveland High School and have lived in Cleveland for over 30 years.  Travis is a graduate of NSU and Professional Golfers Career College in Temecula, CA with a degree in Associates of Science and Professional Golf Management.  Kari is an 8 year Veteran of the United States Army.  They are blessed with 3 kids, Ryan, Laci and Kendra.







Knowledge Base

Around the  world and throughout time, people have desired to remember those whom  they loved and respected and record their history. They remembered by  building monuments. Even the word “monument” comes from the Latin  “monere,” meaning “to remind.” Memorial  art began as little more than stones stacked over a grave for  protection.